Anastasiia Kovba

Graduate of the Master's Course



Research interests: 

- Infectious diseases of humans and animals 

- Virology 

- One health approach 

Current Projects

After its discovery, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus type one (HIV-1) and the disease it causes—acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)—became the subjects for extensive research. Despite the advances in the research, 1.7 million new infections and 690,000 AIDS-related deaths were recorded in 2019. HIV-1 infects our lymphocytes—cells in the body that protect us from different infections—and remains in some of these cells, which are called resting memory lymphocytes. In my current project I am going to analyze the effect of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) on the infected cells in the tissues, as well as the effect of ART on different types of cells in the lymph nodes, by using the monkeys infected with a macaque tropic HIV-1—a ‘surrogate’ model of HIV-1.